Friday, August 21, 2015

What Came in Your Mailbox: Edition 2

Okay, ladies and gentlemen! If you haven't checked out my freebie section, where I love to post the freebies I find, you must do it now. I can wait. Did you check it out?! I sure hope you did because as I expand, you will see lots of awesome freebies over there, so you may want to keep that bookmarked and check every few days or so.

Anyway, since I work from home, I tend to not check my mail as often. Yeah, I know, I could be missing out on vital coupons, deals, and clearance items. However, when I checked the mail yesterday, I had an awesome little surprise in the mail.

Well, do you remember when I posted FREE: Playtex Sport? Before I posted that, I already claimed that offer about two weeks ago. Normally, it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to even receive your free goodies. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up my mailbox and saw a package in it.

My sample

From Amazon and the Playtex site, they have awesome reviews! If you are active and are looking for a great product to keep up with you, you will definitely want to get the sample here.

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