Thursday, July 23, 2015

Movie Time: 9 Tips for Cheap Movies

Ah, summer is here, school is out, and the sun is hot! You are trying to catch some movies and popcorn on a hot, humid summer afternoon.

However, going to the movies can cost you an arm and a leg these days. When you think about it, it can cost $12 to $15 a person, before you even buy your popcorn, candy, etc. Did you know you can easily cut down your movie ticket cost with coupons and also buying matinee tickets? However, what if I told you that there were numerous ways to see new releases for free?

Take a look at the following free movie options below, then start planning to save money on your movie budget this summer.

Get on your theaters mailing list

Alright, first thing is it is 100% worth signing up for all your local theater’s mailing list, because you will be surprised to know that sometimes they will give out free screening information. However, you never know, your local theater may have a variety of different coupons, promotions, so signing up can be beneficial.

Online promotions

If you take advantage of the internet, you will find that some companies offer movie tickets in exchange for participating in promotions. For example, in June, Minute Maid announced their promotion that you can get a free movie ticket for every six bottles you purchased.


Now, this is kind of my go-to site. Fandango is a movie ticket site that has an entire section just for free movie tickets or special offers. It is a must if you are looking to snag a few free tickets this summer.


Klout is a little bit different, which I will further explain in another blog post. However, Klout offers you free items all based on your social media use. Sometimes Klout will offer free movie tickets, so it is vital to sign up for them to see if they may have any tickets coming your way.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is great for a lot of products, but I will go over that in another blog post. However, they are great to score some free movie tickets, in exchange for you to rate and observe your experience while at the movie theater.

Work for the movie theater

When you are employed by a movie theater, most of the time you get to see all the new releases for free! Yes, you read that right, for free! It is just one of the many perks of the job. Not to mention, you get to come home smelling like buttery delicious popcorn.

Movie in the park

Does your town of movie in the park? I know my town holds movie in the park usually during the summer and spring months. You will want to check out your local newspaper, or even your local radio station will know when and where the movie in the park will be held.

The movie in the park has been always free, at least in my town. It is a fun family-friendly movie for the entire family to enjoy.

Stream it

We all know getting a subscription of our favorite streaming service is beyond worth it. However, the main streaming services that most of us utilize is Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, and of course, Netflix. They all offer an overabundance of movies to choose from. However, did you know there are ways you can watch movies from each of these services for free?

Well, first off, Hulu offers a limited selection of movies that anyone can watch. These movies, at least what I have seen are normally older movies, which is perfectly fine if you are looking to find something interesting. Also, if you are not up to watching some of their free movie selections, you can get your free seven-day Hulu Plus trial and spend those days watching all the free movies and television shows you want.

Next up, Netflix, which happens to be my life when I am not working; offers a free month! Yes, a free month to stream all the movies and television shows you want. You can start your free trial anytime.

Last but certainly not least, there is Amazon Prime Instant Video. They offer a 30-day free trial, which has both television shows and movies for free. Personally, it is a great deal because they normally have new hit television shows and movies on.

Trade movies

We’ve all done this plenty of times as children. When you are tired of your boring old movies, you ask your best friends to trade, or you decide to have your own movie night. Chances are you will have a much better time watching movies with your friends, than watching movies along. Who knows, you may end up seeing a flick that you’ve been dying to see.

Also, movie swap is always a great idea. I know I did this as a child. This is where you bring your old DVDs or back in the day VHS’s to your friends swap them out and you have some new movies to watch. This always worked so wonderfully as you always had movies your friends wanted and you wanted movies that your friends had.

Now it is your turn: Now that I gave you my ways of saving on movie tickets, what is your ways you save on movie tickets?

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