Monday, October 26, 2015

Education in your corner: October 25, 2015

Good Morning!

Here is your daily update on what was going on in the education department! I hope you like it because I enjoyed writing it. Leave us a comment, if you will.

Common Core The Key to Test Scores Declining?
When New Jersey implemented the Common Core Standards for their 2014-2015 they saw a decline in their test scores. Does that have to do with Common Core higher standards? Is Common Core worth it?

South African Students Fight for Free Education
South African students were promised by the  African National Congress back in 2007 that within the next 7 years they will receive free education. On Friday, when President Jacob Zuma announced there would be a zero percent increase to their tuition, protesting started.

There you have it guys, the news that were trending yesterday. If you have a piece that you would like me to cover, or have a piece that you want me to feature here, feel free to email me!

Again, this is another edition of Education in your corner!

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