Thursday, October 29, 2015

Education in your corner: October 27-28, 2015

Ah, time got away from me yesterday. I completely forgot to post the daily education in your corner post. However, you will get two days in one; that is so exciting!

Just wanted to say it looks as if Common Core is not what the states want. In the last week, Common Core was rejected by Arizona and was the key factor to test scores declining in New Jersey.

Nevada is having issues of their own with ACLU and the national test averages declined also. Is there a link to all of this? Possibly! Stay tuned and I will update you on what I find.

U.S. Performance on National Test Drops
The 2015 results are in and revealed there was a decrease in passing the reading and math National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Nevada School Choice Program Challenged by ACLU
The ACLU is challenging the Nevada school choice because it is in violation of using taxpayer dollars for religious schools.

Common Core Standards Rejected in Arizona

Arizona voted Monday morning to reject common core standards with a vote 6-2.

There you have it guys another editon of Education in your corner! Stay tuned tomorrow for another update!

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