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Education in your corner: October 29, 2015

Good Morning Readers!

Here is another education in your corner post. However, I do want to say this about the news that happened yesterday. Well, the news I covered yesterday, to be honest.

One of the topics were child brides. How do you feel about your daughter being married off at the tender age of 9 or 10? Isn't that bad enough? Well, how about your daughter being married off at the age of 9 or 10 with no education? Yes, in India that's what is happening with these poor girls. However, at least in their culture, the girls are a burden to the parents because she is going to live with her husband and his relatives.

The story I covered was about a boarding school that takes child brides and gives them an education to make them more valuable in life and to their husbands.

The next topic I covered, had to do with why Germany gives out free college education while we in America do not. Well, you will be surprised that not many German people actually go to college. Nonetheless, it was very interesting to see why they get free education and we do not.

Here are the links to the articles for the above topics.

Why is a High School Education Important for Child Brides?
In India Veerni Insitute is where child brides and girls alike go to get their high school education. Sharma explains what it is like at the Institute.

Why Can You Get a Free College Education in Germany, But Not in America?
While the United States still struggle with affordable college education, Germany gives free college education to the people residing in their country.

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